Electronic Policy

The Chassell Township School District has a variety of electronic resources and access to the Internet available for educational and informational purposes. 

The Internet is a vast network of computer networks linking thousands of computers around the world used by educators, businesses, the government, the military, and other organizations, as well as individuals. In schools and libraries it can be used to educate and inform in the same way as learning resources such as books, magazines, videos, CD-ROM, and other informational resources. Students and staff can use the Internet to communicate with other schools, colleges, and organizations, and to participate in distance learning activities. They are able to consult with experts, locate material, research subjects, learn concepts, and meet their informational needs. 

Because the Internet is a constantly changing environment, it is impossible to predict with certainty what information users may locate. It is essential for each user of the Internet to recognize his/her responsibility in having access to vast services, sites, systems, and people. The user is ultimately responsible for his/her actions in accessing the Internet. 

Institutional Rights and Responsibilities

  • Our school has the right to allocate resources in accordance with our mission.

  • Our school has the right to establish policies and procedures which govern the use and security of electronic resources. This may include disciplinary restriction of computer access.

  • Our school has the right to review files to restore system integrity and to insure that the system is being used responsibly.

  • Our school has a responsibility to respect the privacy of individuals whenever possible.

  • Our school has a responsibility to provide equal access to all users of electronic resources.

  • Our school has a responsibility to train and support students and staff to effectively use information technology.

Individual Rights and Responsibilities

  • Users access to electronic resources shall not be denied without just cause.

  • All users have ownership rights over their own intellectual work.

  • All users have the right to be informed of policies pertaining to the use of electronic resources.

  • Each user is responsible to the learning community for recognizing that all electronic resources are shared and that all users are responsible for refraining from acts that waste time and resources or prevent others from using them.

  • Each user is responsible for respecting the rights of privacy of other users, respecting the equipment, respecting the diversity of opinions, avoiding abusive language, and complying with legal restrictions regarding the use of information resources as outlined in the User's Agreement and Code of Conduct.

  • Each user will be required to read and understand the policies and procedures required by this School District pertaining to the use of electronic resources.

Electronic Resources User's Agreement and Code of Conduct

The Chassell Township Schools provide access to a wide collection of electronic resources. This agreement sets forth the conditions for the use of these resources. One of these resources is the Internet. The Internet links computer networks around the world giving users in our school district access to a wide variety of computer and information resources. In General, electronic traffic passes freely in a trusting atmosphere with a minimum of constraints. The Chassell Township Schools provide access to these local, national, and international sources of information and collaboration which are so vital to our students and staff members today. The Internet is seen as an extension of our school's resources, and every user has rights and responsibilities, including the responsibility to respect and protect the rights of other users in our school and on the Internet. Users are expected to act in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner in accordance with the school mission statement, code of conduct, policies,of network access providers, and State and Federal laws.

All users of electronic resources in the Chassell Township Schools will be held responsible for their actions and activity. Unacceptable uses of these resources will result in the suspension or revoking of these privileges. Some examples of such unacceptable use include but are not limited to:

  1. Using electronic resources for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright or other contract, harassment, or plagiarism.

  2. Using the electronic resources of our school district for financial or commercial gain.

  3. Degrading or disrupting equipment or system performance.

  4. Vandalizing data of another user.

  5. Wastefully using finite resources.

  6. Gaining unauthorized access to resources or entities.

  7. Invading the privacy of individuals.

  8. Using an account owned by another user.

  9. Posting personal communications without the author's consent.

  10. Posting anonymous messages.

  11. The knowing or inadvertent spread of computer viruses.

  12. Deliberately sending, retrieving, or displaying text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene or abusive.

Disciplinary Action

Discipline will be based on the severity and frequency of the offense and may include:

  1. A user may be suspended from using all computer equipment at the Chassell Township Schools for a period of up to one year.

  2. A user may be required to make full financial restitution.

  3. A user may be banned from access to the Internet.

  4. A student may be suspended from school.

  5. A user may be denied use of school and library computers.

Email Policy

  • Only one e-mail account (approved by the Board) per user is permitted.

  • User must have written parental approval.

  • E-mail user name must be registered with the System Administrator.

  • You must access your e-mail account from your Chassell Township School login only.

  • No internet based games allowed.

  • No chat room usage allowed.

  • No downloads allowed except for school related activities. Students MUST have teacher approval before downloading. All software installations must be approved by the System Administrator.

  • No on line auctions, purchases, or gambling.

  • If a student creates/modifies a personal web site it must be done as a class project with teacher supervision.