The Chassell Band is made up of 7th - 12th grade students. Throughout the year the band performs a Christmas and a Spring Concert. They also fire up the crowd at home basketball games. 

The Importance of Music Education

Expressing ourselves is one of human kinds greatest gifts. By nature we crave artistic outlets to channel our emotions and inspirations. Throughout history the arts have flourished and constantly evolved. Music specifically is everything we think and everything we do, it is our sound, emotions and movements. Music enables students to express themselves as well as understanding the expression of others.

The study of music sharpens a student’s perception, raises their level of appreciation and expands horizons. The emotions and thoughts a student cannot articulate with language are best expressed through the arts.

Studying music also provides an accessible avenue to study other cultures which help a student better understand mankind and our relationship with other human beings. The attributes of music education do not stop at the door of a music classroom; they forever continue to enhance the quality of student’s lives.

Music teaches more than just music:

  1. Establishment of high achievement standards transferable to other academic subjects.

  2. Development of keen problem solving patterns.

  3. Establishing collaborative teamwork habits through communication skills.

  4. Understanding flexible thinking and adapting the known to the unknown.

  5. Improvement of reading comprehensions, motor proficiency, spatial awareness and listening ability.

  6. Mastery of a given challenge while raising personal standards.

  7. Increasing self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline.

Ideas of what music teaches derived from: Miles, R. ed. (1998) Teaching Music Through Performance in Band Vol 2. GIA Publications, Inc. Chicago. Chapter 7, Tim Lautzenheiser.

Parents are one of the most influential factors to a student’s growth in band.Below are some suggestions that may help you, as parents, to provide a helping hand for your musician.

  1. Show interest in your child’s music study. Encourage them even when the going gets tough (for both of you)

  2. Encourage your child to practice on a regular basis

  3. Provide a comfortable place for your child to practice without distractions

  4. Make sure your child’s instrument is in good working order. Consider upgrading their instrument from the one they started on in 5th grade.

  5. Encourage your child to take private lessons. Private lessons are not only for student musicians who think they may be struggling, but also for the very successful and talented musicians who want to continue challenging themselves.

  6. Teach your child to prompt for rehearsals, performances and lessons.

  7. Listen to your child play and encourage them to play for other people or groups.

  8. Make it a point to attend as many musical activities as possible

  9. Be active in the Chassell Township Schools band boosters, called 'Notes From Home'.

  10. Call the director at school when you have questions, concerns or lack of information.