CTPS Foundation

Chassell Township Public School Foundation

Board Meetings
The Foundation board meets twice a year.
The full board meets the 1st Tuesday in July (just before Strawberry Festival). The annual Strawberry Festival starts on the Friday after the 4h of July unless the 4th lands on a Thursday or Friday; then the Festival will start on the following Friday.
The second meeting is the 2nd Tuesday in February for the “Executive Committee” (foundation board officers only).

Board Members
Per the articles of Incorporation and By Laws, the Board of Directors shall be no fewer than (5) five members and no more than (15) members.
Contact Foundation board members for more information regarding the Chassell Township Public School Foundation.  The Foundation board members are as follows:

  • Tracie Leix (Class of 1998) - President

  • Calvin Larson (Class of 2004) - Vice President

  • Jim Tervo (Class of 1972) - Secretary

  • Ruth Antioho (Class of 2006) - Treasurer

  • Dave Kalliainen (Class of 1955)

  • Amy Spahn (Class of 1992)

  • Steve Palosaari (Class of 1974)

  • Jessica Barber (Class of 1998)

  • Dr. Loree Kalliainen (Class of 1983)

  • Ingrid Sandberg (Class of 2004)

Memorials that have been contributed to the Foundation can be found by here.
Is there someone that you would like to remember with a memorial? Please make a contribution and let us know. Your memorial will be added to the list. Thank you for considering the Chassell Township Public School Foundation.