06/18/2018 -- 06/22/2018

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1. The TORCH of LEARNING serves as a banner for our school's success. Chassell graduates, throughout the nation, have made our school proud while serving in the professional, technical and trade related work force. The heartbeat of the community is firmly embedded in a loyal and dogmatic belief in the values of education. 2. The AMERICAN FLAG symbolizes a genuine love of country and a patriotic spirit that is not only alive, but is thriving and contagious. During an age of direspect for patriotic values, the community and the educational system hold the flag in high regard. 3. The STATE OF MICHIGAN is representative of the new life offered to European families during the mid-1800's. The outstanding work ethic, close-knit family units and quality of workmanship brought to the Chassell area by the determined immigrants is still reflected in the people. 4. The OPEN BOOK under the shield represents the foundation for learning and living. Chassell's community has been able to preserve standards of personal character and old fahioned values while many communities are experiencing a complete deterioration of moral and ethical standards.
Chassell Township Schools
41585 U.S. Highway 41
P.O. Box 140
Chassell, Michigan 49916

(t) 906.483.2132
(f) 906.487.9045
Howard Parmentier
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